Ashley Frasier:
Art Director & Frontend Developer

Ashley Frasier

Currently a UI Engineer at CodeScience where I get to work with a great group of super smart people building custom Salesforce Applications.

As a designer and developer I enjoy experimenting with new design and development tools. My knowledge of both frontend development and design come together to create products that are usable visually and functionally.

Now-a-days my vocabulary is mainly filled with terms such as responsive, SASS, progressive enhancement, content-is-king, content tables, style guides, and pattern libraries. It is exciting and rewarding to be involved in an industry that is ever changing and striving to be better than it is. I love that there may be rules today but those rules are made to be pushed to be better. Below are a few blog posts where I get to write about these kinds of things that interest me and support the design process in the web world: