Ashley Frasier
Experience Designer


Hi! I am Ashley Frasier. An experience designer living in Chattanooga, TN.


Currently, I spend my days making enterprise development easier and more delightful to use. As a Salesforce Platform Product Designer at CodeScience I support the design team in redefining MVP (minimum viable product). To us MVP isn’t enough, we believe MLP (minimum lovable product) is the baseline needed for a product to be adopted by its users. In our agile environment we push for our ‘definition of done’ to include the interactions and interface - the micro experiences.

How we get to MLP is never the same - we use a diverse set of interactive tools to help get us there including design sprints, markerboarding, Invision mockups, Salesforce App Builder and/or browser prototypes.


Design. CrossFit. Food. Dogs.

When not designing I love living on the Southside of Chattanooga, TN. I recently adopted a no-car lifestyle which has totally increased my biking and walking but unfortunately not helped with any monetary savings because there are too many good food stops along my route each day.

I also enjoy CrossFit - a lot. I have transformed our detached garage into a home gym. Like, cut a hole in the ceiling to install rings and rope type of home gym. My neighbors may think I am a little nuts but it is so worth it.

When not designing or lifting weights, I enjoy hanging out with my husband, taking care of my two dogs, and eating quite a bit of food. 

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